Interpreting Services

Language is no longer a barrier with our interpreters by your side. Whether you’re looking for political, medical, scientific, or general interpretation, we’ve got you covered.

We provide both simultaneous and consecutive interpretation services for conferences, meetings, and interviews.

Our interpreters are experts in their field and will make sure that you never miss a beat. With our interpreting services, cross-cultural communication has never been easier.

Consecutive interpreting:

Consecutive interpreting is a mode of interpreting in which the speaker says a few sentences whilst the interpreter takes notes. The interpreter then reproduces what the speaker has said for the audience.

They are normally standing or sitting close to the speaker, and use a pad and pen to take notes. Once the speaker has finished speaking, the interpreter then renders the translation.


Also known as Whispered interpreting or chuchotage. It is a type of interpretation that consists of translating what is being said, in real-time, from language A into language B, in the client’s ear, or in a low voice (if there are two people, at most three).

Although no interpreting material is required for this type of interpretation when the number increases – more than three people requiring interpretation – it is preferred to have a “bidule” to assist both interpreters and clients requiring interpretation.

Simultaneous Interpreting

The conference interpreter interprets while listening to the speaker. In other words, they verbally translate what the speaker says in real-time. The interpreter works from an interpreting booth, where they listen to all the information and convey it to the attendees using headphones and microphones.

Simultaneous interpreting is used at conferences and international events.