Interpreters Challenge Stability, and African Unity during a Presidential Conference

Glossic Language Solutions had the pleasure to provide its services on the 12th and 13th of December, in the Presidential-organized event dubbed “Abdul Karim al-Maghili Governance, Stability, and Unity of African Societies”.

A number of scholars and elites of society were present to give their speeches on the historical figure “Abdul Karim al-Maghili” which set quite the challenge for our Interpreters, but they definitely overcame it successfully.

The event was a challenging one, in its many aspects. The interpreters during the event showed applaudable flexibility, having to switch from one booth to another to keep up with the workshops taking place.

In addition to time constraints, the interpreters during the event demonstrated excellent knowledge and quick adaptation to the literary/religious topic.

Glossic Language Solution successfully assisted, with its team of brilliant interpreters, during the two-day event, and managed to upscale time and linguistic constraints to provide accurate and smooth-running interpretation.

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