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Glossic Language Solutions is a language service provider that offers a wide range of language and subject matter services. Look no further, we will handle your translation, interpretation and authoring needs!

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  • Interpreters Challenge Stability, and African Unity during a Presidential Conference

    Glossic Language Solutions had the pleasure to provide its services on the 12th and 13th of December, in the Presidential-organized event dubbed “Abdul Karim al-Maghili Governance, Stability, and Unity of African Societies”. A number of scholars and elites of society were present to give their speeches on the historical figure “Abdul Karim al-Maghili” which set…

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  • Glossic Interpreters Meet African Startup Conference

    Glossic Language Solutions had the pleasure to provide its team of interpreters to the African Startup Conference on the 5th, and 6th of December 2022 at the International Conference Center Abdellatif Rahal in Algeria. The African Startup conference, organized by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy, Startups and Microenterprises and Algeria Venture, aims to unify government…

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  • Online Interpreting Training Courses & Programs

    Whether you are a fresh university graduate or want to kickstart your career in conference interpreting, there’s always room for improvement and more knowledge. Yes, even if you have 20 years of experience, going back to the basics from time to time, is a must. Over the few years I have been an interpreter, I…

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  • Welcome to Glossic!

    For those of you who may know me already, I am sure you’re already aware of how fond I am of writing, and how happy it makes me. This time I am back to writing about something I actually love doing, and not depressing at all. When I was building this website, it felt like…

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